ASSY511060 (Revision D) Audio Expansion Board

This is the primary location for all ASSY511060 related documentation, notes and errata. ASSY511060 is an audio expansion board used in conjuction with the DSKDA830 and DSKDA850.

This version of the page applies to the current shipping version. Everything on this page is preliminary and provided as-is.

ASSY511060 Documentation

Documentation Link
ASSY511060 Schematics
Board schematic in PDF format
PDF - 09/01/11
ASSY511060 BML
Board component population detail
PDF - 09/01/11
ASSY511060 Gerber
Printable PDF version of Gerber data
PDF - 09/01/11
ASSY511060 Layout Info
Gerber data in native format and PCAD database
ZIP - 09/01/11
ASSY511060 Orcad Source
Schematic source Orcad format
DSN - 09/01/11
ASSY511060 Schematics (Rev. C)
Board schematic in PDF format (Rev. C, older version of current board)
PDF - 06/17/13

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