DSKDA830 Test Case Status

Test Name Description Status Notes
AIC3106 Audio tone and loopback through McASP1 PASS Pins 1 and 2 (SCL/SDA) are swapped on AIC3106 part body
DIP Switch Displays DIP switch value on LEDs PASS .
EEPROM Reads/writes to the I2C EEPROM PASS .
EMAC Loopback External Ethernet loopback (RMII to PHY) PASS
  • Can perform external loopback (RMII data + PHY ok)
  • Blue wire CRS_DV to pin 81 (SMRXDV) instead of pin 87 (SCRS)
  • MDIO_CLK, MDIO_D swapped on U8
  • EMAC_RX0CP holds 0xFFFFFFFC instead of receive descriptor
  • Requires external Gigabit Loopback Plug. Click here for a picture of it.
LED Displays a pattern on the LEDs PASS .
SD Reads/writes to SD card PASS
  • SD_DATA2 and SD_DATA3 swapped on U31
  • Secure digital X1 and X4 data tested(/li>
SDRAM Fill and pattern tests on SDRAM PASS .
RTC Sets the clock time and reads it back after a delay PASS .
Set MAC Sets MAC address in I2C EEPROM PASS
  • Enter the last three numbers only, each separated by a hyphen.
SPI Flash Reads/writes to SPI Flash PASS .
UART External UART loopback PASS
  • Requires external loopback connector
USB Power Toggles USB host power supply PASS .
Embedded USB Emulator Embedded USB Emulator test PASS .

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