EVMC6474 (Revision B)

This is the primary location for all EVMC6474 related documentation, notes and errata. This version of the page applies to the current shipping version. Everything on this page is preliminary and provided as-is. Here is a complete version history:

Version Description Identifying Features
A Initial board release

ASSY 511221 Rev. A on board.
B Second board release

ASSY 511221 Rev. B on board.

EVMC6474 Documentation

Documentation Link
EVMC6474 Schematics
Board schematics
PDF - 01/14/09
EVMC6474 Technical Reference
Board details, switch settings, connector pinsouts.
PDF - 01/14/09
Board component population detail.
PDF - 01/14/09
EVMC6474 Gerber
Printable version of Gerber data.
PDF - 01/14/09
EVMC6474 Layout Info
Gerber data in native and database format.
ZIP - 01/14/09
EVMC6474 Orcad Source
Schematic source for the EVMC6474 in Orcad format.
DSN - 01/14/09
EVMC6474 3-D AutoCad Drawing
Dimensional AutoCad drawing of the EVMC6474 in 3-d
DWG - 10/08/08

EVMC6474 Software Resources

Documentation Link
EVMC6474 Test Code
EVMC6474 test code and board support library
ZIP - 10/29/09

EVMC6474 Firmware

Documentation Link
CPLD Firmware
CPLD Firmware Project
ZIP - 01/16/09

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