DM365 EVM Support Home (Revision B)

This is the primary location for all DM365 EVM related documentation, notes and errata.

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DM365 EVM Documentation

Description Link
DM365 EVM Schematics
Board schematics
PDF - 11/14/08
DM365 EVM Changes from Rev. B to Rev. C.
Changes made from Assembly Revision B to C.
DOC - 08/26/09
EVMDM365 EVM Test Cases
Current results for EVMDM365 tests.
HTML - 12/03/08
Board component population detail.
PDF - 11/14/08
DM365 EVM Gerber
Printable version of Gerber data.
PDF - 11/14/08
DM365 EVM Layout Info
Gerber data in native and Allegro database format.
ZIP - 11/14/08
DM365 EVM Orcad Source
Orcad design file for the EVM.
DSN - 11/14/08

DM365 EVM Software Resources

Documentation Link
DM365 EVM GEL File
DM365 EVM specific GEL file. Includes memory map, EMIF/PLL/PINMUX init.
GEL - 12/22/08
DM365 EVM CCS Config Files
Importable configurations for Spectrum Digital JTAG emulators.
ZIP - 12/29/08
Target Content
Includes source code & tests for the DM365 EVM.
(see tests\readme.txt for software porting hints)
ZIP - 12/29/08
EVMDM365 Set MAC address
Project to set MAC address.
ZIP - 12/29/08

DM365 EVM Firmware

Documentation Link
CPLD Firmware
CPLD Firmware Project
ZIP - 12/29/08
MSP430 Firmware
Source project for IAR tool chain.
ZIP - 12/29/08

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