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Davinci HD EVM (Alpha)

This is the primary location for all Davinci HD EVM related documentation, notes and errata.

Everything on this page is preliminary and provided as-is. The code has not been tested on a an actual EVM and many parts are expected to change significantly as they are proven on the board. This message will be removed when we consider the code base to be stable enough for general beta-level use.

DaVinci HD EVM Documentation

Documentation Link
DaVinci HD FAQ
Questions and comments from EVM users.
DaVinci HD Schematics
Board schematics
Download (PDF)
DaVinci HD Technical Reference
Board details, switch settings, connector pinsouts.
Download (PDF)
DaVinci HD Test Cases
Current Test Case List. This was for test case creation, not EVM validation results.
DaVinci HD Test Cases
Test Case Results.
TXT - 07/18/07

DaVinci HD EVM Software Resources

Documentation Link
ARM Gel File
DDR and PLL init.
Download (GEL) - 06/28/07
DSP Gel File
Basic memory map.
Download (GEL) - 06/28/07
DaVinci HD Test Code
ARM based test code and board support library.
Download (ZIP) - 07/18/07
DaVinci HD Set MAC address
COFF file for programming the DaVinci HD MAC address. Requires the DaVinci ARM9 GEL file.
Download (.OUT) - 06/28/07

DaVinci HD CPLD Firmware Resources

Documentation Link
CPLD Firmware Project
CPLD Firmware Project
ZIP - 06/22/07
CPLD Firmware
CPLD Firmware VHDL
VHDL - 06/22/07
CPLD Firmware Changes
Changes from (Rev A -> Rev B)
TXT - 06/22/07

DaVinci HD Components

Description Link
MICRON MT47H64M16BT-3 256 MBytes
Webpage  PDF
NAND Flash
STMicroelectronics NAND01GW3B 128 MBytes
Webpage  PDF
Agere ET1011C Gigabit Ethernet
Audio Codec
Webpage  PDF
Video Decoder
TI TVP5147M1 (Composite & SVideo)
Webpage  PDF
Video Decoder
TI TVP7002 (Component)
Webpage  PDF
Video Decoder Amplifier
TI THS7353 3-Channel Amplifier (Component)
Webpage  PDF
Video Encoder
Analog Devices ADV7343 (Composite & SVideo & Component)
Webpage  PDF
Video Encoder Amplifier
TI THS7303 3-Channel Amplifier (Component)
Webpage  PDF
Video Encoder Amplifier
TI THS7314 3-Channel Amplifier (Composite & SVideo)
Webpage  PDF
I2C GPIO Expander
Webpage  PDF

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