Davinci HD EVM (Gamma)

This is the primary location for all Davinci HD EVM related documentation, notes and errata. This version of the page applies to the Gamma release (Rev. D of the EVM). Everything on this page is preliminary and provided as-is.

Here is a complete version history:

Version Description Identifying Features
Alpha Initial post-silicon board release. Ships with CPLD Firmware version 2.

ASSY 509350 Rev. B on back of board.
Beta Second board release. Ships with CPLD Firmware version 3.

ASSY 509350 Rev. C on back of board.
Gamma Third release aimed at wider distribution. Ships with CPLD Firmware version 4.

ASSY 509350 Rev. D on back of board.
U16, R171, R175 removed. (Check FAQ for more info)

DaVinci HD EVM Documentation

Documentation Link
DaVinci HD FAQ
Questions and comments from EVM users.
FAQ - 08/22/07
DaVinci HD Schematics
Board schematics
PDF - 09/04/07
DaVinci HD Technical Reference
Board details, switch settings, connector pinsouts.
PDF - 09/04/07
DaVinci HD Test Cases
Test Case Results.
TXT - 07/30/07
Board component population detail.
PDF - 09/04/07
DaVinci HD EVM Gerber
Printable version of Gerber data.
PDF - 09/04/07
DaVinci HD EVM Layout Info
Gerber data in native format and PCAD database.
ZIP - 09/04/07
DaVinci HD EVM Orcad Source
Schematic source for the DaVinci HD EVM in Orcad format.
DSN - 09/04/07

DaVinci HD EVM Software Resources

Documentation Link
ARM Gel File
Setup PLL & DDR memory
Download (GEL) - 07/30/07
DSP Gel File
Setup Memory map
Download (GEL) - 07/30/07
DaVinci HD Test Code
ARM based test code and board support library.
Download (ZIP) - 10/19/07
DaVinci HD Set MAC address
COFF file for programming the DaVinci HD MAC address. Requires the DaVinci ARM9 GEL file.
Download (.OUT) - 06/28/07

DaVinci HD CPLD Firmware Resources

Documentation Link
CPLD Firmware Project
CPLD Firmware Project (Version 4).
ZIP - 09/04/07
CPLD Firmware Changes
Firmware history from inception.
TXT - 09/04/07

DaVinci HD Components

Description Link
MICRON MT47H64M16BT-3 256 MBytes
Webpage  PDF
NAND Flash
STMicroelectronics NAND01GW3B 128 MBytes
Webpage  PDF
LSI ET1011C Gigabit Ethernet
Webpage  PDF
Audio Codec
Webpage  PDF
Video Decoder
TI TVP5147M1 (Composite & SVideo)
Webpage  PDF
Video Decoder
TI TVP7002 (Component)
Webpage  PDF
Video Decoder Amplifier
TI THS7353 3-Channel Amplifier (Component)
Webpage  PDF
Video Encoder
Analog Devices ADV7343 (Composite & SVideo & Component)
Webpage  PDF
Video Encoder Amplifier
TI THS7303 3-Channel Amplifier (Component)
Webpage  PDF
Video Encoder Amplifier
TI THS7314 3-Channel Amplifier (Composite & SVideo)
Webpage  PDF
I2C GPIO Expander
Webpage  PDF

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