eZdsp5502 (Revision C)

This is the primary location for all eZdsp5502 related documentation, notes and errata. This version of the page applies to the current shipping version.

Everything on this page is preliminary and provided as-is.

eZdsp5502 Documentation

Documentation Link
Questions and comments.
HTML - 11/09/11
Quick Start Guide
A quick introduction to your board.
PDF - 10/10/11
Board schematics.
PDF - 09/13/11
Technical Reference
Board details, switch settings, connector pinouts.
PDF - 10/07/11
Board component population detail.
PDF - 09/13/11
Printable version of Gerber data.
PDF - 09/13/11
Layout Info
Gerber data, Board Data base in Allegro Format.
ZIP - 11/07/11
Orcad Source
Schematic source in Orcad format.
DSN - 09/13/11

eZdsp5502 Software Resources

Documentation Link
GEL File
eZdsp5502 specific GEL file. Includes memory map, PLL init.
GEL - 07/27/11
Test Code
Test code and board support library (CCS 4.2) for the eZdsp5502. Includes program to set MAC address.
ZIP - 11/07/11
DSignT TCP/IP Stack
Lastest version of the TCP/IP stack included with eZdsp5502 kits. This version (2.73) is a full replacement for the original release version (2.68) on the release CD. Improvements have been made to DHCP and ARP handling.
ZIP - 07/05/12

eZdsp5502 SPI Boot Files

Documentation Link
SPI Boot Files
Files and instruction to create a boot image and boot from the SPI Flash.
WARNING!! Programming the SPI flash improperly may prevent the board from booting.
ZIP - 11/07/11

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