Automatic CCStudio v4.0 Configuration

Configuring CCStudio to recognize your emulator and your target board.
  1. Launch the desktop icon "Setup CCStudio v4.0".
  2. Click the File menu, then select "New-->Target Configuration File"
  3. Enter a file name that describes the emulator connection and/or Texas Instruments device being used and click "Finish".
  4. Under Connection ,in the new tab that opens, select Texas Instruments XDS100 USB Emulator.
  5. Under Device select USBSTK5505.
  6. Click the save button to save the configuration
  7. The location of the gel file is indicated in the advanced tab on the bottom of this window.
  8. Click the View menu and select "Target Configurations" to expose the configuration(s) that have been built or imported. A new tab labeled Target Configurations will become available in the CCS window. Expand the User Defined folder and right-click on the configuration that has been created and click "Launch Selected Configuration".
  9. CCS will now attempt to connect through the emulator to the target board.

How to check if Demo is Programmed

Connect the TMS320C5505 DSP USB STICK to a USB port. If the Demo is programmed the LED DS1 will start blinking and 1KHz and 2KHz audio tone signals alternately come out of the the headphone jack. No other setup is required for this.

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