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Manual CCStudio v2.21 Configuration

This page is a guide to installing the Spectrum Digital XDS510 USB JTAG emulator -or- XDS510 PP+ JTAG emulator for use with Code Composer Studio version 2.21 ( CCStudio v2.21 ). These instructions assume that you have already installed CCStudio in the default directory of:

If you have chosen to install CCStudio in a different location you must manually adjust each step below to match your actual install path.

Choosing to manually configure CCStudio v2.21 is recommended only for non Spectrum Digital development board using a Spectrum Digital JTAG emulator. Manual configuration requires a more in-depth knowledge of your JTAG emulator and of your development board. Each JTAG emulator has a unique I/O port address. Each development board has a unique JTAG scan chain setup composed of the individual processors. This information is feed into CCStudio Setup and is the only way CCStudio can determine what it should connect to.

Manual CCStudio v2.21 Configuration

Configure CCStudio

To illustrate how to manually configure CCStudio v3.1, you will be guided on how to configure CCStudio for a Spectrum Digital XDS510 USB JTAG emulator connected to an EVM5509.

  1. Launch the desktop icon [Setup CCS2 OMAP].

  2. Press the Clear button to clean up the System Configuration pane.

  3. Close the Import Configuration window.

  4. Click on Install a Device Driver.

  5. Browse for the driver, "", at c:\ti\drivers\, enter a Device Drvier Name, "sdgo55xxusb", then press OK.

  6. In the middle pane double click on newly created icon, "sdgo55xxusb".

  7. In the new Board Properites window, enter a board name, "sdgo55xxusb", then press Next.

  8. Now enter the I/O port, for the XDS510USB its "0x510", then press Next.

  9. Now from Available Processors double click on "TMS320C5500", press Next.

  10. For each individual processor, enter the GEL File location, "C:\ti\boards\evm5509\gel\sd5509evm.gel", then press Finish.

  11. The newly created setup will appear in the left pane under My System and reflects what was just entered during the setup.

  12. Save your settings ( File --> Save )

  13. Exit out of CCStudio Setup and start CCStudio v2.21.

Guides and References

There are three useful guides if you come across an error during a step from above:

  • Troubleshooting guide - For problems involving your JTAG emulator, development board, TI CCStudio, and your CCStudio projects.

  • Software guide - For general information about the JTAG emulator utilities and setup. For general information involving CCStudio versions, setup configuration, components, and debug environment.

  • Hardware guide - For general information about the JTAG emulator hardware, daughtercards, general tips for hardware developers, and general tips on hardware features.

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