Release Notes for Spectrum Digital CCS 3.1 Platinum Emulation Drivers


Spectrum Digital Inc

12502 Exchange Dr.

Suite 440

Stafford, Texas 77477



Support URL:

Phone:             281-494-4500

Fax:                 281-494-5310


Processors Supported

TMS320F24x, TMS320LF24xx, TMS320F28xx

TMS320C6X0X, TMS320C6X1X, TMS320C672X, TMS320C64xx( core 1.10 and higher)

TMS470R1x, TMS470R2x(ARM915/ARM925/ARM926), TMS320C54X, TMS320C55X, OMAP2420


Operating Systems Supported

Windows 2000 with service pack 2 or higher, service pack 3 recommended for improved USB support

Windows XP, service pack 1 recommended for improved USB support


Emulators Supported:

XDS510PP, SPI510, SPI515, XDS510PP_PLUS, SPI525, XDS510USB


DSKs Supported:

DSK5416, DSK5510, DSK6713, DSK6416


eZdsps Supported:

eZdspF2401A, eZdspF2407A, eZdspF2812, eZdspR2812, eZdspF2808


Code Composer Version Supported:

Release 3.1


Product Release:         3.01.04

Release Date;              June-2005


Important Details

  • Code Composer Studio 2.4, 3.0, 3.1 and associated emulation drivers no longer support Windows 98/SE, Windows ME or WinNT4.

·         OMAP24xx user should read the ReadMeOmap2420.htm file for install specifics and use with the TI OMAP24xx Development Platform, (H4 Board).  Also, see SdTechNote_1.pdf for general OMAP debug details.

·         ARM7S users should see ReadMe_ARM7S.htm.

·         If you plan on using real-time mode check CCS release note issue SDSsq42702 and modify your gel file accordingly.

  • Release 3.01.04 is a limited release with specific support for the TMS320C672x and requires a few extra custom configuration steps, which are covered in the file ReadMe_C672x.htm.
  • Hibari/DA300/DA290 users should see ReadMe_Hibari.htm.

New Features

  • Update support for TMS320C672x
  • Updated sddllmgt2.dll to version 1.55.00 to fix a problem with board file format. There was a slight change in CCS 3.1.302.0 patch release, which affected the order of items in the board file “ccBrd0.dat”.  This results in an invalid board file format error, which is resolved in sddllmgt2.dll version 1.55.00.



Release 3.01.03

  • Updated drivers to support Code Composer Studio version 3.1 Platinum Edition.  The Platinum install includes drivers and configuration files for emulators, DSKs and eZdsps all rolled up into one package.
  • Platinum Edition installer that contains all processors families in one package.
  • Added ARM7S core support (see ARM7S Configuration section).
  • The F24x, F24xx and F28xx family of processors are now shown as C24x, C24xx, C28xx in CCStudio Setup to match TI family name change for CCS 3.1.


  1. If you have previously installed a CCS 2.x emulation driver or a CCS 2.4 alpha/beta driver then uninstall these drivers.
  2. Run SetupCCSPlatinum_v30104.exe.  The install directory should be your current Code Composer Studio install directory, generally “c:\CCStudio_v3.1”.
  3. If using an XDS510USB emulator, unplug and replug the USB cable to force a complete driver update.
  4. If this is first time install of the XDS510USB hardware then Windows will pop up the Hardware Install Wizard to install USB drivers.  If this occurs you need to direct the wizard to look in the directory <CCS_INSTALLDIR>\specdig\xds510usb to find the USB .inf/.sys files.  Once Windows has completed the hardware setup, unplug and replug the USB cable.


  1. CCS 2.21 drivers are forward compatible with CCS 2.4/3.x with two exceptions. First CCS 2.21 drivers lack the Connect/Disconnect feature but will work in CCS 2.4x/3.x environment.  Second, testing has shown that CCS 2.21 RTDX is not fully compatible with CCS 2.4/3.x, RTDX and may fail to send/receive data.
  2. CCS 2.4/3.x drivers are NOT backward compatible to CCS 2.x drivers.  When a CCS 2.4x/3.x driver is used under CCS 2.2x the emulation connection will fail to connect by default.
  3. If you are using the XDS510USB emulator and move back and forth between CCS 2.x and CCS 2.4/3.x then you should unplug and replug the USB cable between CCS sessions.  This will maintain the necessary relationship between a CCS 2.x and CCS 2.4/3.x-driver stack.  You must also select the correct SdConfig for the current CCS focus.  That is select ”SdConfig v3.1” if using CCS 3.1.  SdConfig will automatically load emulation drivers if they are not already loaded to the XDS510USB so you must select the SdConfig for the CCS you are targeting.
  4. If you intend on having a dual CCS 2.4/3.x and CCS 2.2x side by side install then read the instructions in the file _CCSV22_DoAutoConnect.  This file is located in your < CCS_INSTALLDIR >\drivers directory.  This provides details on how you can install/copy CCS 2.4x drivers into a CCS 2.21 environment.

 Where To Find Things

Under the installation directory, <INSTALL_DIR> you can find the following:


  • docs\pdf :                      Emulator user guides and schematics.
  • docs\releasenotes:         This file and other release notes.
  • drivers:                          Emulation drivers, *.dvr files.
  • drivers\import:                CCS setup configuration files.
  • specdig\SDConfig:         Spectrum Digital emulator configuration utility.
  • specdig\SDFlash:          Spectrum Digital FLASH programming utility.
  • specdig\xds510usb:       XDS510USB win32 .sys and .inf file.
  • specdig\sdjtag:              Source/binaries for SD JTAG interface with some ARMx examples.
  • specdig\sdtsrv:              Header/libs for sdtsrv interface.