Release Notes for Spectrum Digital CCS 3.x Platinum Emulation Drivers


Spectrum Digital Inc

12502 Exchange Dr.

Suite 440

Stafford, Texas 77477



Support URL:

Phone:             281-494-4500

Fax:                 281-494-5310


Processors Supported

ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, Cortex-R4, Cortex-M3, Cortex-A8, C54xx,C55xx, C62xx, C67xx, C64xx, C64Plus, F2400, F2800, IcePick-B, IcePick-C


Operating Systems Supported

Windows 2000 with service pack 2 or higher, service pack 3 recommended for improved USB support

Windows XP, service pack 1 recommended for improved USB support

Windows Vista


Emulators Supported:



DSKs Supported:

DSK5416, DSK5510, DSK6713, DSK6416, DSK6455, DSKTCK6482


eZdsps Supported:

eZdsp2400, eZdsp2800, eZ470r1a256


Code Composer Version Supported:

CCS 3.1, CCS 3.2 and CCS 3.3.  The release is based on CCS 3.3/3.2 software stack but is backward compatible with CCS 3.1.  If you install into a CCS 3.1 environment then only those processors supported by CCS 3.1 are available.


Product Release:         3.01.0018 - 3.02.0018 - 3.03.0018:  Multi-release to support CCS 3.1, CCS 3.2 and CCS 3.3. The only difference in the releases is the install path defaults and Code Composer configuration files.

Release Date:              19-Mar-2007


Important Details

  • Code Composer Studio 3.1 and associated emulation drivers no longer support Windows 98/SE, Windows ME or WinNT4.
  • DM4xx and DM644x users should read ReadMeDM4xx.htm, TechNote_6.pdf and lvrtck_qsg.pdf for configuration specifics and use with the DaVinici EVM.
  • C645x and TCI6482 DSK users should read ReadMeC645x.htm.

·         There are two versions of the C64Plus DSK, TMS320C6455 and TCI6482.  Although the processors and DSKs may be labeled differently they are 100% identical with respect emulation driver support and both use the generic file.

·         OMAP242x user should read the ReadMeOmap2420.htm file for install specifics and use with the TI OMAP242x Development Platform, (H4 Board).  Also, see SdTechNote_1.pdf for general OMAP debug details.

·         OMAP243x user should read the ReadMeOmap2430.htm file for install specifics and use with the TI OMAP243x Development Platform, (SDP Board).  Also, see SdTechNote_1.pdf for general OMAP debug details.

·         ARM7S users should see ReadMe_ARM7S.htm.

·         C672x users should see ReadMe_C672x.htm.

·         Release 3.01.13 - 3.02.0013 - 3.03.0004 and higher have preliminary support for Windows Vista. 

Bug Fix 3.3.18

  • Work around problem on ARM7/ARM9/ARM11 and CCS 3.3 with C-Step out functionality. When executing thumb code and doing a C function return (shift-F10) CCS would set a breakpoint on the incorrect return address. Driver will now mask breakpoint address to align to a valid 16-bit thumb breakpoint address.  Updates ARM7, ARM9 and ARM11 emulation and eZdsp drivers.


  • Fix breakpoint bug that was induced with the inclusion of new IceCrusher module and work around for silicon bug.  The bug work around in the emulation driver was trashing the contents of watchpoint 0 when it was being shared with hardware breakpoints, software breakpoints, hardware single step and IceCrusher bug fixes.  This problem shows up when you have set the max number of hardware breakpoints, then run to a breakpoint and run again.  Instead of running the processor would appear to single step or just hit a random hardware breakpoint.

New Features

  • Update Cortex-R4 driver support.
  • Add in Cortex-M3 and Cortex-A8 driver support.
  • Add XDS510USB-PLUS and XDS510USB-GALVANIC to supported emulator list.
  • Update DM6437 EVM CCS configurations.
  • Add C6424 EVM CCS configurations.
  • Add TCI6488 EVM CCS configurations.
  • Add TCI6486 CCS configurations.

Known Issues CCS 3.3

Known Issues CCS 3.2

  • CCS does NOT officially support the full compliment of TI processors.  However, SD has tested the most popular processors along with SD DSKs/eZdsps.
  • CCS does not recognize F28xx XAR0-XAR5 when used in a gel file.  The solution is to modify gel files to use AR0-AR5.
  • CCS does not properly recognize the TMS320C672x device.  CCS 3.2 will start up however it will not display the C672x registers or allow load of C672x out files.



Release 3.03.16

  • Update C64x-Plus CCS configuration files to use xml register definitions and change cc_setup device filter to C64+.
  • Added in ARM7-TMS470 IceCrusher support and sdopts.cfg configuration parameters to work around known issues.


Release 3.03.0015

  • Added/updated support for Cortex-R4. Updates Cortex-R4 driver to enable FLASH470 support.
  • Added support for eZ470R1A256


Release 3.03.0014

  • Added support for Cortex-R4


Release 3.0x.0013

  • Add GEL files for various SD EVMs and DSKs.
  • Add additional CCS configuration files for SD EVMs and DSKs.
  • Clean up driver and configuration file support for C672x in CCS 3.1.
  • Update for Windows Vista release candidate.
  • Update C64Plus drivers for CCS 3.3 interface changes. You must use driver release 3.02.10 or higher to support the C64Plus in CCS 3.3x.
  • Update C64Plus drivers to work around possible scan chain problem when 3 or more C64Plus devices are chained together. This problem is still under investigation and may still appear in a multiple processor system.  The failure mode in CCS is a failure to connect with error –1080.
  • Update IcePick drivers to reflect CCS 3.3 register mapping changes.
  • Update ARM7 and ARM9 drivers to reflect CCS 3.3 register mapping changes.
  • Update C64Plus drivers for CCS 3.3 Cache Tag viewer changes.  These changes are untested pending CCS changes to enable Cache Tag Viewer for emulation drivers.


Release 3.02.0009

  • Update sdxds510usb_v11.out and sdxds510usb.dll to improve support with standalone tools like TI Flash470 and SD XMLGUI. These files only effect the operation of the XDS510USB emulator.


Release 3.02.0008

  • Updated support for ARM11 for new emulation features on OMAP2430.
  • Integrated IcePick-B support for OMAP2430, external IcePick utility no longer required.  The OMAP2430 CCS configuration files have been updated also.
  • Minor changes to C6455 with respect to CacheTag display.
  • Tested with CCS, full production release.


Release 3.02.0006

  • Preliminary support for OMAP2430/IcePick B. IcePick A/B support is handled via external utility. This will be integrated into drivers in future release similar to IcePick C.
  • Updated DSK6455 and DSKTCI6482 gel files.


Release 3.02.0005

  • Added emulation driver support C54xx, C62xx, C67xx, C64xx, F2400, F2800.
  • Added DSK support for DSK5416, DSK5510, DSK6713, DSK6416.
  • Added eZdsp support for eZdsp2400, eZdsp2800.


Release 3.02.0004

  • Updated drivers to support RTDX, BIOS RTA, and Cache Tag Display on the C64Plus.
  • Updated CCS configuration files to include DM6443, DM6446, and TCI6482.


Release 3.02.0003

  • Updated sdtsrv.dll to include support for C645x API. This change does not affect CCS or any of its components. The sdtsrv.dll API is used by Spectrum Digital utilities like SdFlash, DSK Diags, SD XmlGui and other 3rd party tools.


Release 3.02.0002

  • Added IcePick Rev C support to XDS510PP-Plus, SPI515, and SPI525 emulators.  Support now matches the XDS510USB and no longer requires external IcePick utility.
  • Added C645x device support.
  • Added C654x DSK support.
  • Update emulation drivers for ARM9 and C64xx
  • Fix bug in SdConfig which was limiting scan path testing to ~1600 bits of IR.


Release 3.02.0001

  • Added support for C6400 Plus and IcePick-C.
  • General emulation driver updates for CCS 3.2x.


  1. Run SetupCCSPlatinum_v30XYY.exe, Where X is the CCS version and YY is the driver release version. Each version is tailored to the specific version of CCS with respect to the drivers and CCS configuration files installed.  However you can install a higher version CCS driver release version into an older CCS 3.x path if desired.
  2. If using an XDS510USB emulator, unplug and replug the USB cable to force a complete driver update.
  3. If this is first time install of the XDS510USB hardware then Windows will pop up the Hardware Install Wizard to install USB drivers.  If this occurs you need to direct the wizard to look in the directory <CCS_INSTALLDIR>\specdig\xds510usb to find the USB .inf/.sys files.  Once Windows has completed the hardware setup, unplug and replug the USB cable.


  1. If you intend to use CCS 3.x and a previous version of CCS on the same PC with a XDS510USB then make sure you disconnect and reconnect the USB cable to the XDS510USB between CCS sessions.  This will maintain the necessary relationship between two different CCS driver stacks.  You must also select the correct SdConfig for the current CCS focus.  That is select ”SdConfig v3.2” if using CCS 3.2.  SdConfig will automatically load emulation drivers if they are not already loaded to the XDS510USB so you must select the SdConfig for the CCS you are targeting.
  2. If you are installing SD CCS 3.2 drivers into a CCS 3.1 environment make sure you uninstall your CCS 3.1 drivers first.
  3. If you inadvertently install an older version of drivers after your CCS 3.2 driver install then CCS will most likely fail on startup for C64Plus and DaVInici targets. To correct this problem you will need to uninstall and reinstall your CCS 3.2 drivers.

Where to find things

Under the installation directory, <INSTALL_DIR> you can find the following:


  • docs\pdf :                      Emulator user guides and schematics.
  • docs\releasenotes:         This file and other release notes.
  • drivers:                          Emulation drivers, *.dvr files.
  • drivers\import:                CCS setup configuration files.
  • specdig\SDConfig:         Spectrum Digital emulator configuration utility.
  • specdig\SDFlash:          Spectrum Digital FLASH programming utility.
  • specdig\xds510usb:       XDS510USB win32 .sys and .inf file.
  • specdig\sdjtag:              Source/binaries for SD JTAG interface with some ARMx examples.
  • specdig\sdtsrv:              Header/libs for sdtsrv interface.