OMAP2430 Driver

You should be using Spectrum Digital emulation driver release 3.2.08 or higher along with CCS 3.2.


SDP Configuration and Emulator Startup:


You can verify the basic connection of the emulator to SDP board using



1) From the SdConfig select your emulator (either 0x378 or 0x510).

2) Then do an Emulator->Reset.

3) Then do Emulator->Test.  By default the OMAP2430 should assume the

   default configuration of:

     11 Ir bit length and 3 devices in the scan chain.


   At this point the TCK to the OMAP2430 and RTCK from OMAP2430 should

   be less then 1.5Mhz.  OMAP2430 requires a slow TCK on startup just like

   other OMAP devices.

4) At this point you should be able to connect to the OMAP2430 with ARM11

   default configuration.  Testing has shown that OMAP2430 has similar

   startup issues as other OMAP devices when running from unprogrammed

   FLASH or uninitialzed memory.  The typical failure mode is error -2072

   and -1152.  Error -2072 occurs when the emulator cannot halt the ARM11.

   Error -1152 generally occurs when TCK/RTCK has glitched or completely

   gone away.  In general a H4 reset will cure the problem and they retry


5) Once CCS is started then ARM11 watchdog should be disabled as it can

   cause RTCK to go away or glitch if it triggers a reset.  The watchdog

   should also be disabled following an ARM11 reset from CCS.  


IcePick Configuration:


With release 3.2.08 and higher there is no need to configure IcePick-B externally. This is now handled in similar manner as IcePick-C.  The OMAP2430 CCS configuration files have been updated accordingly.


If manually configuring an OMAP2430 then select one of the ICEPICK_B devices and configure it with 3 ports.  OMAP2430 ports are defined as follows:


Port 0x00  > ARM11

Port 0x02  > ETB, set as bypass of 4

Port 0x06  > C64PLUS


There are two types of IcePick-B drivers supported:

BYPASS_ICEPICK_B: Allows standard configuration of IcePick but bypasses IcePick  emulation register accesses.  This is the default driver while CCS support of IcePick is being developed.


ICEPICK_B: Allows standard configuration of IcePick and supports IcePick emulation register accesses when “Connected” via PDM.  When “Connected”, CCS will continuously poll the IcePick for emulation status changes and update the PDM window accordingly.  The side effect is that the continuous polling reduces overall CCS/Emulator performance. The preferred method of operation is to temporarily connect to IcePick, check status of the other processors, which IcePick controls, then connect to those processors.  When you have all the processors connected, disconnect from IcePick.  You can always re-connect to IcePick later to re-check status.


Sdopts.cfg Configuration:


The following modifications should be made to your sdopts.cfg file to support OMAP2430.



EmuTckDiv=4 If NOT using a Spectrum Digital "Low Voltage Adapter with Adaptive Clocking"



EmuTckDiv=4 If NOT using a Spectrum Digital "Low Voltage Adapter with Adaptive Clocking"


If you are using a Spectrum Digital "Low Voltage Adapter with Adaptive Clocking" then switch settings for OMAP2430 should be:


S4-5  ON

S6    OFF


This enables adaptive clocking with added clock delay to meet timings.