TMS320C672x Support Details


Device Support Details:

1.    There are two devices in the TMS320C672x scan path, first is a bypass 8 and then the DSP itself.  Using SdConfig->Emulator->Test should report that it found two devices with an IR length of 54 (8+46).


2.    If you are using a secure version of the TMS320C672x then you will need to obtain the security key from Texas Instruments and manually add this key to your sdopts.cfg file, which is located in your windows system32 directory. The key is a 14-digit number prefixed with"Key_".  For example, 14 digit key 0xDCBA9876543210 becomes DevC6000Ulkd=Key_DCBA9876543210.  Additional details are included in the sdopts.cfg file.


3.    The install includes C672x specific cc_setup configuration files for SD emulators.  However these configurations do NOT specify a C672x specific gel file.  So you will probably want to update your config to include the gel file supplied by Texas Instruments chip support update.