Release Notes for Spectrum Digital CCS 3.x Platinum XDS560R Emulation Drivers


Spectrum Digital Inc

12502 Exchange Dr.

Suite 440

Stafford, Texas 77477



Support URL:

Phone:             281-494-4500

Fax:                 281-494-5310


Processors Supported

ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, C54xx, C55xx, C62xx, C67xx, C64xx, C64Plus, F2800, IcePick-B, IcePick-C, Cortex


Operating Systems Supported

Windows 2000 with service pack 2 or higher, service pack 3 recommended for improved USB support

Windows XP, service pack 1 recommended for improved USB support


Emulators Supported:



Code Composer Version Supported: CCS 3.3, Service Release 11 (SR11) or higher required to support most new configurations

Product Release:         3.03.29

Release Date:              25-Oct-2008


Important Details

1.       The SD XDS560R follows the standard TI XDS560 emulation model where TI provides all emulation drivers and emulation utilities in the standard CCS install.  Spectrum Digital provides emulation communications components as well as target specific CCS configurations.  As such the SD XDS560R does NOT support Spectrum Digital’s SdConfig, SdFlash, SdJtag, or SDSTRV utilities and software interfaces. These utilities and interfaces are only available for XDS510 class emulators where Spectrum Digital provides the full emulation driver stack.

2.       When creating a custom CCS configuration for the SD XDS560R you should never select a SD emulation driver.  Instead you should always select a TI supplied emulation driver.  All SD emulation drivers are prefixed with “sdgo” for easy identification.

New Features and Bug Fixes

  1. Added in additional configuration files for DM355, TCI64xx, DM64xx, OMAP35xx, OMAPL137, C6747 and C6474. Many of the new configurations require CCS SR11 or higher or a equivalent CSP for full devices support.  If you start CCS and get an error that a flat xml cannot be generated then this is good indication that you need a SRxx update or a CSP.

Release History

Release 3.03.20

  1. Updated emulation drivers for CCS 3.3 SR2 CSP and USCIF 35.24.03
  2. Add configuration file for DM350 EVM.
  3. Add configuration for DaVinici HD minus the gel files.  GEL files are still in development.


Release 3.03.18

  1. Add CCS configuration files for C6424 EVM, DM6437 EVM, TCI6488 EVM, TCI6486
  2. Updated emulation drivers for OMAP CSP and USCIF 35.24.02

Release 3.03.16

  1. Update C64x-Plus CCS configuration files to use xml register definitions and change cc_setup device filter to C64+.


Release 3.03.14

  1. Added in support for Cortex
  2. Updated emulation to support USCIF 35.24


Release 3.03.13

  1. Added CCS 3.3 installer support.
  2. Added back in C672x CCS config files for CCS 3.3 Beta 2.


Release 3.00.12,3.01.12,3.02.11

  1. Added CCS 3.0 installation support.
  2. Fixed a random file load problem that occurred on a coff section of approximately 2500 bytes.
  3. Relaxed error checks on non-fatal errors per item 2 above to pass through to CCS but not block future CCS actions.


Release 3.01.11-3.02.11

  1. Added additional CCS configuration files for DSK5509A, EVM5502, EVM6413, EVM6418, EVM-DM642, DSK6211, DSK6711, TMS470R1x.
  2. Added gel files for the targets from item 1 if they did not exist.
  3. Update gel files for DSK6455, DSKTCI6482, and DaVinici EVM.
  4. Updated emulation driver to resolve a communications problem that showed up on fast PC (>3.0GHz) and slow processors or slow TCK speed( <2MHz).  This problem primarily showed up on OSK5912 (OMAP5912) during CCS startup before PLL programming.

Known Issues

1.       CCS 3.2 cc_setup.exe does not populate the registry correctly for IcePick based configurations.  For IcePick based configurations CCSetup points to the TI XDS560 emulator for the IcePick but properly points to SD drivers for the processors connected through IcePick.  This will generally cause CCS to fail on startup as it is attempting to open a TI XDS560 connection for IcePick.  You can safely ignore this error and CCS will start. You however will not be able to connect to IcePick from PDM. The install CD contains a version of cc_setup.exe, which resolves this problem.  The file is on the CD under the “TI” directory.  You must manually replace this file in your CCS 3.2 install.

2.       F2400 is not supported. The TI XDS560 F24xx drivers do not run properly on the SD XDS560R due to software timing loops in the TI XDS560 F2400 drivers.

3.       There is a communications interface sharing problem, which prevents users running CCS and some other application or utility (like xdsprobe) simultaneously. You must exit CCS to run utilities like TI’s xdsprobe.




Follow the installation instructions in your XDS560R Quick Start Guide.


  1. When manually creating a CCStudio 3.0 configuration under cc_setup you have to change the “Emulator Name” under the “Board Properties” tab to “SDXDS560RUSB 0”.