XDS2xx Emulator

This is the primary location for all XDS2xx Emulator documentation, notes and errata.


Documentation Link
Quickstart Guide
XDS200 USB Emulator setup.
PDF - 11/26/2012
Quickstart Guide
XDS220 USB/ENET Emulator setup.
PDF - 11/26/2012
Documentation and source code for XDS220 current measurement feature. The source package should be downloaded and unzipped into your existing xds2xx directory typically at "ti\ccs\ccsv5\ccs_base\emulation\specdig\xds2xx" for Windows. The baseline XDS2xx files were part of your CCS install. For XDS220 support you need SD emulation package or higher which is available as a CCS update package.
Docs - PDF
Source - zip - 11/26/2012
CTI-20 to TI-14 adapter
Maps CTI-20 to TI-14.
PDF - 09/06/2011
CTI-20 to ARM-10 adapter
Maps CTI-20 to ARM-10.
PDF - 07/11/2012
CTI-20 to ARM-20 adapter
Maps CTI-20 to ARM-20.
PDF - 09/06/2011
CTI-20/TI-14 Male to MIPI-60
Maps CTI-20 male to MIPI-60 connector. Used to map XDS1xx, XDS2xx, XDS51x and XDS560v1 CTI-20 cables to a MIPI-60 target.

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